When you have someone designing your home for you, it’s always fun to take a peek into their own homes. No better time than at Christmas! Please enjoy these personal pictures from our Principle Designer, Christine and our Associate Designer, Mariah. We thought it might be fun to have them include a few holiday tips and tricks with their pictures.

Christine's Christmas tree with lights and ornaments

CHRISTINE: I prefer a Christmas tree full of sentimentality! For instance, I put the initials of me & my kids together, in addition to a sweet little card of baby niece’s footprint (don’t be afraid to be unconventional in this sort of way by placing photos and cards throughout! My tree is covered with memories that are such a joy to bring out every year and recollect on wonderful times!





Christmas ornaments as table decor

CHRISTINE: Think ornaments only belong on the tree? Think again! I have a collection of vintage Christmas ornaments that I have placed in some soft, snow-like fluff to decorate a bookshelf in my home. Add some warm, soft lighting, and you have a glitzy, glamorous focal point that is festive and eye catching!




CHRISTINE: Every year I LOVE to use my collections as decor. One of my collections is vintage books. I opted to group them by color to use above my fireplace this year. The green, beautiful binding are a special way to highlight my love for vintage things, and also keep the spirit of Christmas throughout my home.




MARIAH: I love being able to see my Christmas tree from all areas of our main living space. We positioned it especially for this reason. Even when I’m in the kitchen, I can see it! The warm, white lights of our tree make our little corner of the earth so cozy.






MARIAH: I LOVE natural decor and especially wreaths around the holidays. Typically you would put a wreath on the outside of your door, but in our home, we have one on the inside, too! Remember you can break with the “norm” and put your decor where YOU see it most, to bring you joy!






MARIAH: Look at this cute little guy! So, sometimes not ALL of your Christmas decor is stylish. Sometimes is a bird wearing a flannel shirt, suspenders and a Santa hat, because it brings you joy and has sentimental value. We love this little bird, and we also love the vintage snow shoes behind this guy, adding a pop of festive color and sentiment to my kitchen. Makes me happy to be in my kitchen, and my home, surrounded by wonderful gifts and memories!





Merry Christmas from all of us at HouseHome!