Merry Christmas!

As designers we love holiday decor done right! So many beautifully styled spaces to browse online! What if it’s not in the budget to purchase adorable decor this year? No problem! I bet you have MORE festive items in your home than you realize. Even miscellaneous Christmas decor you can repurpose.

Tip #1: Color Groups!

Look around the house, pull together a collection of red & green items and display together. This can be a fun, personal way to add Christmas color! If you prefer a neutral color palette, you can collect gold, whites, creams! The options are endless. Of course a little twinkle (lights are fairly inexpensive) will give it a great festive pop as well!

I’ve collected these vintage books, everything from “Triumph & Tragedy” to “Students in Reading”, none of which has to do with the holidays. Next is my collection of vintage red books that have nothing to do with Christmas (“Swiss Family Robinson”, “The Works of Tennyson”, “Life on the Mississippi”, etc). Christmas themed books or not, they look appropriately festive and are easy to change out or rearrange in the new year!

Have fun creating your own same-color collections and see what happens! This could also be a fun way to decorate as a family as well.

Tip #2: Old becomes NEW! 

Do you have a box of mismatched ornaments, some cute lighted items you keep out all year long? You are in luck! All you need is a cheap bag of fake snow and voila, you have a dreamy Christmas display. Thinking outside the box of what you would typically do with your decor items can be refreshing and also cost effective!

In design, I believe my creativity inspires me to make my own rules, not just following trends or the status quo for what is typically done. of course, I always love a vintage twist if possible! I look forward to sharing more tips and tricks along the way through this new section on our beautiful website!